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UrOwnRoom: Talk, Don't stress, and Relax!

A Mental Health Awareness Site For Teens

Welcome To Our Site!

This is a Project the two creators share. We did this to help teens like us that need to know someone understands. The stress of life can often wear us down. You most likely see other sites that attempt to do the same thing as us. The only difference is, those websites are controlled by adults who can't get the most accurate perception of what you, the teenager, are going through. Of course, we are not saying adults can not help, of course they can! However, we are saying that it may be more helpful to get help from somebody that has a better understanding and a more accurate perception of your problem - a fellow teen! At the end of the day, just remember that this site is the other way to express your emotions (don't shy away from talking to others though). This is also mostly a way to promote mental health awareness.

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You may be thinking we're just a bunch of trolls trying to make a bogus website, but we're not. We're not people that have no idea of the struggles and impacts of mental health, we do know, it's one of our main motivations to writing this site.

We've felt it ourselves, which is why we're so compelled to make this project happen. This project is a way to really spread the word. As of now, mental health is still considered a minor issue, despite the fact that it is not. For a majority of the year I (one of the creators) was heavily overwhelmed and well, unsatisfied. A number of things affected me: being overshadowed, not getting into the schools that I had applied to, and just in general juggling everything and school work at once. I'll be very honest, before I didn't really look at mental health as a huge thing; of course I knew it was significant, but I didn't really understand it. After experiencing months and months of feeling pathetic, I realized mental health is a big issue. Also, I got the less rough end of the stick, there are millions and millions of people around the world getting the rougher end of the stick. Did you know, statistically 1 in 5 Canadians are affected by mental illness? Yeah, I know, it's truly awful. That's exactly why we're doing our part to raise awareness. Most people are affected by mental illness at least once in their lifetime. It may not be the person directly being affected, it could be a relative, friend, etc.

It's truly awful to see someone dear to you be affected by mental illness. If you're not mentally fine, then yourself as whole will not be fine. It's hard to watch someone you really care about not be happy, feel alienated, or lose what they used to have. Make sure friends and family are always by their side. Being surrounded by love and good people can often be better than a packet of pills.

If you feel at risk or emotionally unwell, talk to someone. This website is always going to be a reminder of that.

Once this website is updated and improved, you may message us to get advice or to get something posted on the website. However, once we get better at coding this website, we will as soon as possible let you have the option of having an account and posting stuff yourself.

If we leave stigma alone, it will never go away. Ever. So, even though this is a little website, we're still doing our part. Will you do yours?

~ The creators: T and S

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