The creators of this website are two very energrtic, creative, and awkward girls that have a passion for mental health. The two of them have been working very hard to create this website. Although it seems like a very basic website, it will be a lot cooler in the future because it is currently under maintenance. Also, the creators are very new at this, so the website won't straight be a "Facebook 2.0". The two girls got together to create the website for a project originally. In class, we had to create anything at all. We decided we wanted to raise mental health awareness and thought that a website would be appropriate. They are both very ambitious just like this project. They both love talking to others and are very social; so that means you can holla at us anytime ( They may not be able to respond as quickly as you'd like though because of school work (both are intermediate students). However, during their breaks, they'll be able to.

Although the website is currently under maintenance, they will try their very hardest to make your experience the very best!

Stay tuned because we're still uodating and renovating the website!