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July 10th, 2017

Sorry we haven't been on the site at all. RELAx WE AREN'T DEAD! But, great news, somebody made request and contacted us! WOOHOO! Hello to Biyu! By the way, thank you for messaging us (everyone else do the same). Anyway, I was delighted to read your email; it was so cheery. However, once the email progressed, it became kinda sad. I'm so sorry about that Biyu. You seem like such a sweetheart and what you're going through totally sucks. So, all of you other readers must be pretty confused. I'll clear it up by showing you her question (with consent duh).

Here's her question: " I have a question, my marks are bad, VERY BAD. I try as hard as I can yet I'm still crap. My parents think I'm lazy, that I don't try hard, and that I'm truly stupid. BUT, I'M TRYING SOO MUCH! I'M SOOO STRESSED. How do I feel better about myself when this is what happens."

Here's my answer: You shouldn't let others define who you are. Something like your marks do not define you. From your message, I already know that you're a nice, energetic, and fun gal. What would you prefer? A rude, obnoxious, and pretentious brat with grades off the roof or a kind and helpful person with slightly below decent marks. Obviously, the latter. Others would agree. You most likely have other talents; so, express those the strongest you can. You don't need try to better than anybody; just be yourself! I hope this helped!

June 20th, 2017

Ha ha ha. Turns out we didn't have present the 20 Time today after all. We were freaking out a lot yesterday, but we finished all of our work then too, so we don't have to stress or worry a single bit. But, we're still pretty busy practicing though, so we aren't a hundred percent relaxed.

There's a good lesson to learn from our predicament.

Don't procrastinate.


If you procrastinate, you'll end up having very limited time before the deadline, which cause you stress. If you work at your task by little amounts everyday, you'll finish and not become stressed.

Anyway, we need to go. We still need practice and study!

~ T and S

June 19th, 2017

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod. Tomorrow is our day. S and T's day to present. WE HAVE TO PRESENT WHAT WE'VE DONE FOR 20 TIME!!!! WE TOTALLY PROCRASTINATED!!!! WE'RE FREAKING OUT!!!! SOMEONE HELP!!!!! OOKAY. BREATHE.


We have everything ready. And we're just gonna give it our all and hopefully not go over the time limit. That's a problem the two of us seem to have. Being honest, and I'm sure you can already tell, our journey with this site hasn't been working on the daily, every day, consistently. It's a random mishmash of sporadic work sessions just because. Well, just because we have a little time. We can't blog much today, because we're prepatring for 20 Time. But we'll tell you how it goes. Oh yeah, FYI, 20 Time was a project we got back in the beginning of the school year. We had to choose and project and complete it as a long term goal. Ours was to make a full-fledged site with amazing and professional features. Which clearly hasn't happened. Err.. good luck to us I guess?
~ T and S

June 18th, 2017

So, the realization that the two of us are going to high school has literally just dawned upon us. That's INSANE. Like, we're going to be NINTH graders. We're at the top at our school, and boom. In an instant, we're back at square one. 4 more years until we get our position back. Not to mention, seniors. SENIORS. Those 18-something year olds walking around like they own the place. Aw man, I heard they like to prank the ninth graders. I am REALLY not looking forward to that. The two of us are super anxious to leave our school. I mean, we've known everyone here for so long. We don't do well with "outsiders". There's too much going on in our heads. What if they don't like us because of our ethnicity? Interests? Clothing choice? Man, I really should have went to that uniform school. Everything these days is a mix of eat, sleep, homework, and repeat, along with the occasional philisophical procrastination session. I definitely think I'm gonna cry during graduation. A lot. The waterworks. T, I'm not sure. Anyway, the site is under maintenance of course. It doesn't look the best. I used to be so judgey of meek-looking html sites, and though losers made ugly-looking sites. I'd like to think I'm not a loser, and I made a pretty basic site. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY! Does that even make sense? Anyway, I'm just blabbering on and on. I've got a French assignment due. See ya!
~ T and S

June 17th, 2017

Hello again. Just a little update from T and S. Both of us are hard at work on this site. Well, we try. We apologize, as the workload these days has been getting extremely heavy. Like, my backpack weighs 10 pounds heavy. Anyway, email us suggestions on what to add to the site, and don't forget, we'll always be adding personal stories from readers here in the future!
~ T and S

June 15th, 2017

Hey guys! Just letting you know that our website is still under construction, so this isn't it. We're going to add the option of posting your own stories/posts, a login (maybe?), and we may change the layout. As of now if you would like a story shared, contact us (email above)!
~ T and S

June 14th, 2017

Hello world! This website has just gone live! Be sure to come back soon, because there will be much more to come!
~ T and S